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During college, I worked for project Hi-CLIMB to install seismometers throughout Nepal and Tibet. Our goal was to better understand the underlying plate tectonic structure of the region, specifically what was happening as India slowly (over the course of millennia) smashes itself into China. Since Hi-CLIMB's home base was in the Lazimpat neighborhood of Kathmandu, we also devoted a portion of our time to collecting data within the Kathmandu valley itself in order to better understand how the city would be affected by a large earthquake.

The recent 7.8-magnitude earthquake heavily damaged both Kathmandu and the surrounding rural areas. It hurts to see the images of the devastation. Thankfully, my colleagues in Nepal are all safe and accounted for.

I have decided to raise money for World Vision, a Christian relief organization, that has been working in Nepal since 1982. From World Vision's website:

How is World Vision helping?

  • Over 1.1 million people reached through long-term development projects, including earthquake-preparedness trainings that educated over 65,000 people
  • Currently operating 73 projects utilising 205 staff
  • Emergency response teams are already mobilising relief

Through access to its regional warehouses in Nepal and Asia, World Vision has immediate access to necessary supplies, like hygiene kits, cooking kits, mosquito nets, sleeping bags and sleeping mats, buckets and water purification tablets, many of which are already on their way to remote village communities in desperate need of basic supplies.

World Vision will address the immediate needs of children, including establishing Child Friendly Spaces, which provide a safe environment for children to learn, play and emotionally recover from traumatic events.

Staff on the ground have prioritized getting potable water, food, temporary shelter, household supplies, and child protection, education and health programs to affected areas as soon as possible, with the aim of reaching 100,000 people in relief response.

Please keep the people of Nepal in your prayers and consider giving a gift of $50 or more to help them today.

Thank you,

Nathan VanHoudnos

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