moderncv won't work on Ubuntu 10.04 because of marvosym.sty

I'm updating my resume/cv for content and style. To help with the latter, I'm following some examples that use the moderncv LaTeX package.

I had trouble getting it to work. I like the look of this example, but I couldn't get the provided TeX to compile. Instead, the error I got was:

LaTeX Error: File `marvosym.sty' not found.

Googling didn't help me find an answer, so I searched the apt repository manually to see if this file was provided by a missing package:

root@gauze:~# apt-cache search marvosym
texlive-fonts-recommended - TeX Live: Recommended fonts
ttf-marvosym - Symbol font for school and office


root@gauze:~# apt-get install texlive-fonts-recommended

fixed the problem. So now, Google, index this page and be more useful to the future.

28 thoughts on “moderncv won't work on Ubuntu 10.04 because of marvosym.sty

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  2. Michael

    For those who want the full-package: sudo apt-get install texlive-full
    The fonts-package is also included.

    Thanks for your post. Helped me a lot! 🙂

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